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The Onafit team are an international group of energetic individuals who love fashion, dancing and keeping fit. 

Our journey began hosting fitness events as a way for people to relieve stress and break away from their everyday routines. 

The idea to produce fitness wear came in 2015. After many years of organizing fitness classes and events in our hometown in Switzerland, we noticed that fitness clothing didn’t reflect the same vibrant energy that our students were bringing to classes. 


That’s why we decided to start producing fashionable, elegant fitness clothing! 

Our clothes are premium quality, designed with body confidence in mind, no matter who or what size you are. Our designs are unique and inspired by the energy that fitness, dancing, yoga and leisure time give you.

Ona originates from an African word in Yoruba dialect which means journey. We use it to symbolise the journey you take in your life when you start to discover who you are and what you stand for.


Our mission is to motivate and inspire you on your journey so that you can be happy, healthy and confident in yourself. We believe keeping fit is a predominant factor in achieving this.

The crown above the O in our logo symbolizes power. Feel motivated, be confident in yourself and most importantly, enjoy the process of discovering who you really are with Onafit